Planned Parenthood v NRA


Oh, the things I see on the pages of conservatives I’m friends with on Facebook. I’ll be the first to admit that I troll their walls as a means of finding things to write about. There, I said it. No shame, but neither am I proud.

Rather than touching on this for factual clarity, I want to point out something that this freaky meme has backwards: diction.

It has long been a joke between my twin sister and I that the “author uses diction.” This should be obvious to anyone who has ever been through high school English class, but sometimes fails to sink in. Word choice is one of the most important things in our society from books to movies to games. See the video I link to at the end for more on that – it’s a fun watch and very informative.

Here, whoever made up this little image that was, doubtlessly, shared all around Facebook, implies that it is wrong that stricter gun control tries to go into effect in the wake of 90 deaths; while it is equally wrong that Planned Parenthood gets federal funding for 3000 murders each year.

Let’s roll back right there. First off, we don’t “lose” people to gun violence. People are taken from the human race by other people with guns, many of whom are probably unable to understand what they’ve done on an empathic level. Most of these “losses” are murder.

Whereas Planned Parenthood doesn’t “murder” 3000 babies every day. There are approximately 3000 abortions in America each day and in excess of 100,000 world wide in the same span. These aren’t murder, but are an informed decision on the part of a woman and a doctor that impregnation does not a child make.

I’m not sorry; a fetus isn’t a child; it’s potential that can bless or ruin a person or family and it’s their choice, not yours, whether or not that potential is met. I’m not sorry you’re hurt over the NRA taking slag for the last year of shootings. I am tired of watching my President (almost) in tears because there has been a shooting almost every day for the last year and a half. I’m tired of the killings and the damned morons cradling a gun in one hand and their limp, impotent life in the other that I call countrymen.

So let’s back off of Planned Parenthood and worry about the real problem: people with guns who think using their guns to get their way is a good idea.

Use your words.

Until next time,


Planned Parenthood v NRA