“Terror! A man can face known danger. But the unknown frightens him.” –Robert A. Heinlein

I have to ask a question. What makes the perfect television rating? How many TV news stations covered the weather in sunny Miami, Florida yesterday? Not many I imagine. But you couldn’t miss the news about the terrorist attack in California yesterday – the news was swimming in a lack of information until almost midnight west coast time.

And, yes; I called the attack yesterday an act of terrorism. But what is terrorism? It’s when those evil Muslims attack God-loving Christians, isn’t it? Well, if you watch Fox News you might think so. In the reality we live in, acts of terrorism are defined by the stage on which they are set and the effect that comes from them.

In this case, the stage was a civilian setting: a center for the developmentally disabled in California. The effect was… nothing.

But I thought you just said terrorism was defined by the effect. What gives?

If the shooters were foreigners, or if they had affiliations with protest groups in America, this would be an open and shut case – public opinion would be against them… somehow. But they were Americans who bought their guns legally and had, as some early stories say, been planning this attack.

What was the response? “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families…”

Ad nauseum.

For better or worse, the New York Daily News has the one response I respect. “God isn’t fixing this,” with images of GOP tweets about their condolences.

I’m not saying this isn’t a nice gesture. Even President Obama’s official press channels have quoted him saying that his prayers are with the people of San Bernardino. But he, and other Democrats, went on to say that these acts of terrorism, homegrown and with legally obtained weapons, are not acceptable.

If I’ve made any point at all here, it is that our politicians should be beholden to us. If the only politicians with affiliations with the Democratic party are willing to take a stand against attacks on American citizens, maybe we should take a good, long look at the GOP and conservatism to find out what their plan is; so far, it looks like prayer is on the table.

As for me: I don’t want prayer. It helps the faithful make sense of the world, but it doesn’t do anything for me, and it sure as frak doesn’t do anything for the victims of the more than 300 shootings this year alone.

Please, call your representatives, email, write letters. Tell them we need better controls in place. Shootings like this, attacks like this, should not be so easy. They should not take place every week, every day! This is America and I’m scared to drive to work because I might get shot on Interstate 95.

Something is foul in America, and it starts with the Second Amendment.