Anylasis and the Rising Sun

Hello Dark Side Weekly faithful! 

As part of our writer’s sometimes eclectic likes, writing styles and oddity, I’ll be approaching a subject near and dear to my heart: anime anylasis. 

If the page image doesn’t give it away, I’ll be tackling one of the anime world’s toughest subjects. For the next several weeks, I’ll be dissecting and picking through the nitty gritty of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the associated franchise. 

People have tried, many have failed. But with Evangelion, there are no wrong answers; but rather popular interpretations and the complement. I’ll attempt to stray from the usual, and focus on the… lesser known and lesser accepted theories and shed some light into the realm of critiquing a medium many still dismiss as “childish nonsense.”

I’ll see everyone again Monday with the first installment: the driving force behind the Great Game. 

And remember, maybe there’ll be some fan service along the way. 



Anylasis and the Rising Sun