Master of Your Soul

I remembered a line from a poem I must have read years ago. William Henley’s Invictus is a fantastic work of defiance of an uncontrolled life; one of the greatest ways I know to tell the fates and the gods to put a sock in it and let us have our way for once; that we have to grab the universe by the shorthairs and pull.

“I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.”

Perhaps, in the whole of poetic tradition, such powerful lines had never been written before, and not since. Maybe that’s true, maybe that’s a sign that I should read more. Actually, one should always read more.

It’s funny that what reminded me of Henley’s poem was a tagline from a show. “As for the science, it may be negative. However, do not forget the thing that there is a scientific side in all the one. The important one is true. of me the ruler of my fate and me also the commander of my soul.”

The English isn’t great, but I think it gets the point across. Also, the lack of capitalization in the final statement is intentional, at least on my part. But in trying to make sense of this Engrish, I took a stab at my own version.

“It is true that the outcome of experimentation may not always be to our satisfaction.

However, never forget that there is a side to everything that can be explained by learning.

This is important to remember:

that I am the ruler of my fate and the commander of my soul.”

I’m certainly not a master poet, but I do know when something works for me.

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Master of Your Soul