I’m A Millennial And I’m Sorry

Well… not really. I’ve been saying it for years, but this video, which itself is a few years old, sums up my every thought on the way my generation is perceived and treated by older generations.

It’s funny, actually. I got into a textual shouting match with my Freshman roommate’s father on Facebook. And yes, this went about as well as you imagine.

Basically, he was (and likely still is) on the side of those weird, hateful vagabonds “boycotting” Target over their inclusive bathroom policy. My argument was fairly simple (and one I wish I had screencapped before he deleted the post): let people be. It’s not like anyone is so creepy as to take advantage of kids or whatever in public bathrooms. No. That’s more likely to happen in private homes and with people you know than with strangers in public. 

Oh, but he just wasn’t having it. I’m a “stupid kid” who doesn’t know anything about the world while he had a house, a lifelong job and a family by age 20 in 1976.

I won’t reiterate the argument put forth in this great video. It’s all there. We got the short end of the stick, but you know what? We’re still doing better than the aging, dying, thankless folks that came before us.


Much love,


I’m A Millennial And I’m Sorry

World Laughter Day 2016

Today is the first of May, but also World Laughter Day. In honor of the oh, so human need to find humor in our time here, I leave you with a joke:


How are a laser beam and a goldfish alike?

Neither can whistle.

Until next laugh,

-M 😀

World Laughter Day 2016