Welcome to Conservative Economics 101


I guess it could be worse.

Deregulation of the economy, elected officials and their nepots (or worse, their wealthy patrons) and the lack of faith we have in other human beings has us believing that the economy is constantly in the toilet. The economy isn’t the problem, it’s the people abusing it.

I’m not talking about you and I, us hourly wage workers just making enough to pay rent and, maybe, eat out once in a while. I mean the private university that charges 6% more tuition each year; the hospital that will hit your insurance for eight grand to set a bone; the CEO that gave himself a Christmas bonus worth more than your house, car and life’s wages combined; the billionaire hiding his money overseas to avoid taxes; and worse: the billionaire running for President telling you it’s not his fault that you’re surrounded by scared, hateful and armed people.

Buy American, vote for the guy promoting resolution to internal conflict, and remember that escapism in trying to blame someone else for your problems isn’t going to fix anything.

Until next time,


Welcome to Conservative Economics 101

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