Church Privilege


The world is a strange place full of so many strange and varied people. And yet, some people just didn’t get the memo: love won and continues to win in the face of charlatans and demagogues like Donald Trump.

The image above, shared on John Barrowman’s Facebook fan page, makes a great point about perspective. There are still people in this country, (pick one), that seem to think that minority groups are taking advantage of the public at large, even deceiving them, to place themselves in superior standing.

Um… no. That’s not what’s happening at all, guys. More like this: everyone is working toward being equal to the people who have been at the highest social point for many thousands of years. It’s not strange anymore: we’re all the same in that regard.

It’s not about privilege for groups who have been disenfranchised, it’s about equality.

Except for churches. They still take up 2×2 squares of space and don’t pay taxes even though they attempt to affect policy; you yellow bastards.



Church Privilege

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