As Gamers…


Today’s post comes care of Facebook and Issac, who gave DSW sorcerer M some responses to the above. For your enjoyment:

Leaning forward can help with attentiveness.

Exclaiming in pain when a character gets injured due to trying to put yourself into the position of that character.

Finding which way to go means you’re going to miss out on opportunities in other areas.

Magnum bullets are usually the ammo for a very powerful gun, thus having enough in a situation that warrants it is a good backup.

Buying all the skills not only gives the satisfaction of full completion, but also of being able to try things out if wanted.

Tutorials are designed to guide someone through something, it would be like having to take English 101 at the beginning of every class that had writing in it.

Tutorials are designed to be easy (normally), thus if you died in it, it means you failed at something “easy” and pride could take a hit.

If it’s the enemies health, it could be to try something out at a time where you can recover easily. If it’s your own health, you’re probably going to die anyway, might as well try something riskier that could win it for you.

Sometimes it’s nice to blow off some steam or see those big numbers.

Most everyone is an annoying little shit

Competitiveness between “rival” factions. Much like sports, politics, or any other group that can be separated into factions.

Sometimes they record the voices too quiet, or the person has a peculiar way of speaking, or you need to keep your volume down but still want to know what they’re saying.

Stay salty, DSW faithful,


As Gamers…

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