Talking in Television


Just a short rant post today.

I was wandering around the glorious place known as the internet when I came across a forum post entitled “I hate talking.”

From what I gleaned from this, the author had a serious problem with television shows and anime in particular where the characters take time to talk out a problem or some in-universe issue.

Positive case in point: Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex. All the Chief does most episodes where he appears is talk. But I love this aspect of GITS. As the head of the open-secret special operations group Section Nine, Chief Arimaki’s smallest remarks (all the way to his full blown political, social, and scientific debates) reveal more story and setting than most pieces of media do in an entire season – in an entire run of a show.

But for the counterpoint, watch the first episode of Lucky Star.

How do you eat a chocolate cornet, DSW Faithful?


Talking in Television

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