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Today’s post is something I wrote a while back, but it still applies today.

I saw something on a page I don’t follow on Facebook. Surprise, surprise given the sorting tools FB uses to make sure I’m seeing what ever they want me to.

This was a share on the page “AMERICAN – STRONG!” and was a screen cap from an iPhone of a person’s post where in this person asserted several interesting things.

  • Fast food workers make $15 per hour (31K/year).
  • People in the military (grades E1-E5) make between 18K and 35K/year.
  • That people working minimum wage have the “minimum skill.”
  • and that people in fast food are not entitled to the sum they are paid while soldiers are.

I’m going to go at each of these one at a time, again, using bullet points.

  • In what world is the minimum wage for a fast food employee, or anyone, $15 per hour in America? Answer: nowhere. (Edit: Actually, I’m not sure if this is 100% true anymore. Does any fast food restaurant pay this much or more by now?). There is resistance to giving workers a living wage because people with money would (gasp) have to pay their employees that money. Breaking news: more money in the pockets of the (shrinking) middle class would mean more money back into the economy, not overseas to avoid taxes in America.
  • I don’t know much about how people in the military are paid, but from friends of mine who are serving now, they are making a good wage that they don’t spend because their necessaries are all paid for outside of that paycheck. (Edit: I asked this again of my friends still serving. It’s still true so far as they’re concerned). One such friend even told me that he doesn’t spend anything because he’s so busy with work and the social life he leads now that outside play, like video games, as he was an avid gamer, aren’t really things he can work into his schedule.
  • Really? From your position (clearly above the lowly “minimum wage worker,” I bet it seems like they have the “minimum skill.” Get off your pedestal and see that that guy who served you food today is human, worth what little respect you can muster and probably facing as many or more problems than you are every day. Take that superior attitude and stuff it in your designer purse you human garbage. (Edit: In retrospect, maybe I came on too strong by calling this anonymous lady garbage. Or maybe I didn’t).
  • Apples and oranges. Payment for services rendered, while not always enough or fair, are dependent on work done. Who am I to say that being a soldier or working fast food are superior to one another? All I know is that each does a job that people in America (should) value.

I’ve included the image from that FB page, but I’ve coloured over the person’s name, image and phone info bar out of respect for anonymity.

Until next time,


Comments on Entitled Folk

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