We Outnumber the Boomers


It’s a fair point to say our generation has been treated like trash. It’s also fair to point out that it wasn’t everyone that said this about us “millennials.” Did you know we outnumber the Boomers almost two to one? I mean, if we wanted real change, all we’d have to do is shuck off their dying generation and do for ourselves.

What did we fill our childhoods with? Top 40 stations, reality TV and the latest in fall fashions from Paris while our ‘betters’ gorged themselves on royalties from being cable TV stars, singing those songs and wearing those clothes? I think that sounds about right. How many people watched Jersey Shore? Enough that it was on the air for six seasons.

Think about that. Six seasons of inane jackasses dancing around to keep us occupied. What happened between 2009 and 2012 that we should have been paying attention to? Let’s see: Swine Flu, the earthquake in Haiti, Wall Street screwed the economy again and many tens of thousands of Americans legitimately thought the world was going to end just before Christmas in 2012.

Did I cover the big ones for you? How about when the Republican party took majority in the House? And the official end of George W. Bush’s war with Iraq?

You might be asking, “Where are you going with this?” And you’d be right to question me. That’s the point. Question me. Question your parents and grandparents. Question your teachers and seniors. Ask why.

We sucked a steady diet of pop culture and M&Ms, and for what? To get gold start on our term papers and medals to recognize we participated.

I want more.

In middle school, I once asked the Rabbi teaching our class a question. He was trying to put together a parable about biblical texts, ancient laws and faith by saying that rocks don’t fly. But I asked questions, challenged the lesson on whatever flimsy logic I could muster as a 13 year old fool. To this day, I still hold to that basic action: questioning. Inquiry.

Why are we obsessed with reality TV stars and the latest album? Why would we rather play video games than read? Why is the easy way the best in our minds?

I don’t have answers, but I think it has something to do with our nation and how the American Dream is dying a slow, terrible death with the Boomers that failed to plan for their children’s future like their parents before them.

Until next time,


We Outnumber the Boomers

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