Perspective on War

While I don’t claim to be a social scientist, I can see a trend; and it’s a good one.

War seems to be in a downward spiral. And no, I don’t think we’re moving toward a global peace. If the recent decision not to move the Doomsday Clock away from three-minutes-to-midnight is any indication, we’re not anywhere near real lasting peace. But a lack of peace from active war is going out of style. And if you don’t know the Doomsday Clock, watch the opening of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen film adaptation again. You can’t miss it and the image is quite apt for the themes of the story.

Without going into too much detail, for which I’ll link to some very informative videos below, human society hasn’t seen a single massive war since World War Two. That’s not to say we haven’t experienced war. But when compared to WW2, every single armed conflict since 1945 just doesn’t add up; in scale or in impact on the human species.

I think we’re moving toward a world without conflicts between nation-states. It’s not a fast process and I’m sure it’ll be exacerbated by relatively small, but impactful, attacks like those on New York City in 2001 and Paris in 2015 in the west, and those lesser known but no less deadly attacks in Kukawa and Khan Bani Saad just last year in Africa and the Middle East. In any event, I see us becoming more at peace with ourselves as a species in the coming century – as long as the oil holds out anyway. But that’s a story for another day.

If you want to see where I drew these conclusions – or at least ideas – from, take a look at the videos below. The first is Kurzgesagt’s speculation into the paradox of how a warring world can be at peace. The second is a sobering look at the sheer number of deaths in World War Two compared to themselves and other massive human conflicts. Both are powerful and full of interesting information.

I hope you find these an interesting and thought-provoking as I do.

Until next time,


Perspective on War

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