2016-01-26 19.23.39

I don’t see myself as a connoisseur in any way of electronic cigarettes or vape boxes. To be honest, it’s really not my thing.

Some say it’s better than smoking, some say it’s just as bad. Some people. like my roommate, are in the process of using the device as a means of weaning themselves off the addictive parts of smoking traditional cigarettes; so maybe there’s some good to these devices.

But this post isn’t about the prospect of smoking in your preferred form, but rather the device itself from a semi-technical standpoint.

I had the chance, a couple times now, to pick apart a SnowWolf device and I found it was fairly simple. Take the back panel off, take out the screws and the whole thing comes apart. For how much my roommate and its fans at large seem to like it, it’s simplicity defined.

2016-01-26 19.24.34

The one negative thing I found in its design was, frankly, glaring. Like… it needs a serious retool for what seems to me to be a totally unacceptable problem. The liquid you use in the device can leak into the inner casing and cause irreparable damage (or at least damage that calls for a replacement rather than going through the trouble and cost of fixing the thing).

Interesting experience all around to poke around in one of these.

Until next time,


2016-01-26 19.24.09


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