Everyday Heroes

Since it ended (and hit Steam as a sale item), I’ve been kinda’ obsessing over Life Is Strange. It’s an episodic adventure game using a sort of point and click interaction. If you know The Walking Dead, you’re familiar with point and click gaming.

This particular game has a catch. The main character, a somewhat disillusioned young photographer called Max, finds that she can rewind time around her to redo actions she’s taken. I’ll be honest, that was one of the things that hooked me. The other was the preview of the story that sought to convince me that the story was far, far deeper than a teenager and her  camera. And boy were they right.

My point is that Life Is Strange is a fantastic game and well worth the full price (and I’m trying to justify the special edition to myself even though I’m not employed at the moment. I think I’ll put it off a little while).

In a more meta place, the distributor, Square Enix, brought the fiction of the game into reality. Part of the story, and without spoiling anything, is the Everyday Heroes contest. This is a photography contest that takes place during the week this game covers. The theme, surprisingly, is the everyday hero.

Square is running the contest in real life at the moment, so I took to submitting an image I’ve been sitting on for a few years now. Maybe you recognize the subject?


I captioned the piece for the story it represents: a mother of three took in two emotionally stunted teenagers years before she was meant to have to deal with teenage problems and managed to get two decently well adjusted adults out of the whole thing. Being one of those teenagers, I feel uniquely able to judge in this regard.

Life is, indeed, strange; and strange things happen. Sometimes, the shit hits the fan all at once. That’s OK. It just means the problems will vanish all at once rather than festering for years on end. Here I’ll raise a glass to my family’s fortune and happiness in the near future.

Until next time,


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Everyday Heroes

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