Your Signature Has Changed Significantly


It’s sad that we still have politicians who, at least on the surface, seem willing to come up with any excuse to get people not to vote. One such excuse showed itself in Lake County, Florida today as a friend of mine got a letter in the mail.

In her words, “I got this letter in the mail forcing me to re-register to vote only weeks before the registration deadline because my signature has changed significantly? No, I think it’s because I’ve signed a lot of liberal petitions and have been voting for Democrats for years. You’re not fooling anyone, Lake County.”

When it’s this clear what the intent is, I wonder who insisted these letters go out. What they don’t know is that most young, right-thinking people are capable of going and reregistering almost at once. That’s the wonder of the internet and massive information sharing. People aren’t largely left in the dark about how to go about this stuff anymore.

Though, it is nice they sent an envelope and the form necessary to fix her problem. I hope they included postage too.

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Your Signature Has Changed Significantly

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