New Megatokyo!

Of all the media, movies, music I know and love, MegaTokyo certainly tops the list. Easily top five web comics and in the running for favorite every time I think about web or print media.

It’s long been known that MegaTokyo fans are some of the most patient and forgiving in the world. If Marvel’s next blockbuster is pushed back a week, the fans would probably scream and yell. If MegaTokyo doesn’t publish a page for almost a year… actually, that’s OK. We have a thriving community and know the writer is hard at work on much more than just the comic.

It’s not that we dislike the comic – God no! In fact, it might be one of the most important examples of creator-fan relations I know of. The writer and artist, Fred Gallagher, knows the community. He livestreams, talks to fans, and it’s a pretty open group. He’s not a faceless writer/film maker/artist hiding behind a major studio while he takes flak for a schedule slip, but rather the ever-present creator of one of my favorite pieces of media this side of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

While a handful of the most critical fans can be… unbearable, it’s important to remember these butt-in-skis are no more popular with other MegaTokyo fans than are Hetalia cosplayers (sorry Hetalia cosplayers, it was a cheap shot at you, I know).

Anyway~ exciting news! There’s a new page! So now that I’ve distracted you for at least a minute, head over to MegaTokyo and read! I know where I’ll be. mtnewUntil next time,


New Megatokyo!

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