ISIL, ISIS or Daesh?

One of the least important arguments over the illegitimate state calling itself a part of Islam is the name.

I mean, so lacking in importance that Sunday seemed the best time to write about it; as we all know, I’d make a very bad God. For starters, you wouldn’t get a day off each week. You might get a holiday on my birthday or something, like Jesus. 😉

I was on Facebook today. Always a bad idea; especially when going out of my way to find people acting the fool. One such fool I found on a friend’s page. He had posted an article about President Obama’s response to Daesh (which itself refers to heresy; best name in my opinion) several months ago and had commented:

“Every time I have seen or heard Obama he never refers to ISIS, he always says ISIL and there is a major, major difference. The L refers to Levant which covers the whole area of what is Biblical Israel and is representative that this area is Islam and there is NO Israel. He knows this and it clearly is a code to Islam that he does not recognize Israel and this area belongs to Islam. It is a deception.”

Oh. My. Me. (As opposed to “Oh, my God.”)

Yes, President Obama says ISIL. But this is because of a problem in the media’s early attempts to translate the group’s name. ISIL is the closest we have to a title that both translates closely and makes sense. Yes, one translation says the L in the acronym refers to the Levant. But do remember that the area traditionally called the Levant is a large portion of the modern-day Middle East; including Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and, yes, Israel.

This is part of the problem I have with fundamentalism in any context. Such folly is not only for Muslims or Christians, but Jews as well. I would know. I put up with such for years before I could willfully ignore my mother’s synagogue and the ridiculous obligations I was forced into as part of a covenant I never really agreed with and, on a technicality, don’t have to uphold. This kind of reverence for Israel without historical or factual context is why I make such fun of stupidity.

Just because other faiths don’t revere “biblical Israel,” doesn’t mean they openly oppose it. In fact, most Muslims and Christians are either in favor of or don’t care if the Jewish people have such a homeland. If you want to blame anyone for the state of affairs there and the tensions about that land, look no farther than the British Empire who had promised the land there to just about everyone they could to gain political favor.

The point is this: don’t make assumptions about the world, be those assumptions political, religious or otherwise, based on what you see on the TV news. They’re probably wrong and will cling to their opinions more than barnacles cling to the underside of ships. Be smart, don’t get keel-hauled.

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ISIL, ISIS or Daesh?

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