I Don’t Always Use Ten-Cent Words


It is important to remember that the best place to look for inspiration is real life; taking into account that real life is usually, if not always, stranger than fiction.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter R, like my roommate’s blood type… or so he insists.

I keep telling myself I don’t dislike my roommate because anything close to hate is too strong an emotion for the kind of things I have to deal with. It’s more like… obfuscation or moderate annoyance. But enough about that; today’s post is more about rampant anti-intellectualism in America than someone who adds to the problem.

I find that there are two kinds of ignorance. The first is one born from a lack of access to education or opportunities to advance oneself. All it takes to fix this is to try. Most people do try, or at least I’d like to believe that most people try.

The second kind is the sort of ignorance that drives me up walls and could, under the right circumstances, lead me into ruin or death. This is willful ignorance. Oh, the tales I could weave… and they’d be true!

Rather than sing the songs of irritation, I’ll tell a story.

So I have my roommate as a friend on Facebook. Not my first mistake, but not a problem really. Until he posts an image on my wall reading, “Sometimes, I use big words I don’t always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis.”

Now, most probably would laugh and move on… but I take the world too seriously to just laugh an insult off easily. An overgrown, smoke obsessed infant took this round-about way to tell me I sound too smart for him; even taking the insult so far as to imply I do so on purpose.


I speak the way I do because I assume – I afford people the respect that I should – that they can understand a fully articulated thought. I don’t need to sound like I failed high-school English to get an idea across and I want to believe you don’t need to be spoken to like an infant to understand me.

Maybe I assume too much. You know what they say about assuming anything, right? Mom always said it makes an ass of you and me, so maybe I’m in the wrong on this.

Or I’m right.

I cannot abide willful ignorance of the facts. I cannot abide people who go out of their way to make ill of good news. I cannot abide fools who do not attempt to rectify their ways.

Perhaps someday I’ll just chill the ever-loving Hell out.


I Don’t Always Use Ten-Cent Words

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