When The World Doesn’t Make Sense

I should have been much slower when deciding on my first roommate out of college. Like… Sloth being dragged around by a snail slow. It should suffice to say I don’t understand my roommate and his… Lack of empathy.

Last week, an attack on Paris ended in the deaths of more than one hundred people and a large response from the world largely condemning the actions of the few responsible for these acts.

But some people went a little further than just those responsible.

I was chatting with my roommate, usually a fairly innocent thing to do, when he brings up that he bought a second handgun for “home defense.”

“Like this man,” he said. “If some asshole comes though that door, I be like ‘BLAM!’ and that bitch dead.”

My response, landing outside my usual act of being a bloodless, tearless demon of a man, was to point out that killing someone, regardless of intent or personal defense, isn’t something most people can live with. Hell, if Fallout 4 has taught me anything, it’s that meaningless death or murder in any context has no redeeming value.

The conversation skewed back and forth a few times and I finally asked him, after some particularly unempathetic comments about the lives of others, especially Syran refugees, what he would do about the so-called Islamic State, having given my opinion. He emphatically said that he would, personally and without joining the armed forces, get a machine gun, go to Syria, and just start shooting people.

I was struck speechless. I stood there, in my little apartment just off US 441, and shied from him in horror.

I asked, “Do you realize what they would call you?”

“A fucking hero!”

“A terrorist. They would call you a terrorist and a monster.” I can not believe that another human being, a person from the “enlightened” and “advanced” nation of America could, even in jest, consider such an act.

I am more terrified that there are many thousands of others like this all over America who seem to think everyone in the Middle East, except of course Israel, for… reasons(?), is the enemy and should be utterly destroyed. Good gods! Even a potential President, several, think this way. It baffles the mind that so many can be so short-sighted and narrow-minded to take the “it’s us or them” mindset.

Please leave your comments below and continue the discussion. Terrify me some more or let me hope a little.


When The World Doesn’t Make Sense

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