Fallout 4 – Day One Review

War. War never changes. 

For many years, it had been left to the imagination; those precious moments before the flash that meant the difference between life and death for the men and women of October 23, 2077. Fallout 4 has thrown back the curtain. 

From the destruction of Boston to the erection of the modern Commonwealth, Fallout 4 brings us another bloody chapter of human history, wrought with the torn flesh of men and the destroyed circuits of Synths. 

There is an illness in Boston. But is that illness the mysterious Institute, blamed for atrocities barely speakable? Is the fault with the seemingly torn Brotherhood of Steel, making their return from Fallout 3? What of the Minutemen and the Railroad; Diamond City and the raiders? And don’t get me started on the Super Mutants.

This is day one. There are no answers; for in the days following the release of Bethesda’s newest work, there is only war. 

The new gameplay mechanics are rather interesting. If you were expecting a rehash of the level system from FO3 and NV, you’re in for a shock. By and large, the capless level system seems to be based on practice rather than skill points and is, in a general way, more organic and less number driven than previous installments. 

This wouldn’t be a Bethesda title without some glitches. Some pixelation around characters and world items is distracting but not game breaking. Some dead things twist more than bad G-Mod artifacts and the physics engine had  a few… hiccups so far. But nothing that would have made me quit in frustration. 

Story wise, it’s fresh. Some say it’s been done, but even the mystery novel aspects are fresh and fun in a Fallout setting. Being ten hours in, I can say that I easily have another 30 ahead of me for just the main story, possibly more if I want to experience everything this world has to offer. 

For now, I’ll withhold final judgment and a score; but will say that so far, Fallout 4 lives up to every milliliter of hype it got. 


Fallout 4 – Day One Review

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